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Product Description

M04 Comprehensive Upgrade Bagging Controller

M04 Bagging controller is specially designed for single hopper packaging controller. It is easier to operate, working faster and more precise with new algorithm. USB port and two serial communication ports of the indicator made it easier to connect with system. So it is widely used in various bagging machines for rice, feed, seed and chemical etc.

  • Key Features
  • Specification
  • Dimension

● I/O points (8 input, 12output) as standard

● 20 recipes can be stored for different weighing capacity.

Multilevel of digital filter

 Automatic Zero-Tracking function

 Batching times setting

 Data input & output easily with USB port

 Perfect balance between speed and precision with automatic three-speed feeding control

 Two serial communication ports to connect with printer, computer or a second display

 Bag-patting function for powdery material bagging

 Widely used in packing system with or without a weighing material hopper

General Specifications

Power Supply

90V~260V AC 50Hz(or 60Hz )±2%

Operating Temperature

-10 to 40℃

Maximum Humidity

90% R.H without dew

Power Consume

About 15W

IP Level

Front panel IP65

A/D Converter


24-bit Delta-Sigma

Conversion Rate

120/240/480/960Times per Second



Gain Drifting


Minimum Sensitivity

0.02 uV/d

Analogue Input Range

0.02mV to 15mV

Display Accuracy


Power Source for Load Cell

DC5V 125mA (MAX)

Input Resistance


Zero Point Adjustment Range

0.2~8mV (When the transducer is 2mV/V.)

I/O Port

Input Port

8 Inputs

Start, Stop, Zero, Clear Alarm, Change Recipe, Clip/Loose Bag, Manual Discharge, Dual Hoppers Interlock Input

Output Port

12 Outputs

Run, Stop, Coarse Feeding, Moderate Feeding, Fine Feeding, Fixed value, Over/Under, Alarm, Clip Bag, Punching Bag, Batch Complete, Dual Hoppers Interlock Output


1. Analog(16 bits D/A)    2. RS232    3. RS485    4. Profibus-DP

5. ProfiNet    6. Ethernet    7. Ethernet/IP    8.CANOpen



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